CDi ODE Interest Check

Fixel, the developer behind multiple optical drive and IDE emulation hardware has just opened an interest check list for a CDi ODE.  That’s right, owners of the Philips Compact Disc-Interactive multimedia experience units might finally have a way to load backups and homebrew without original discs!  This ODE will also allow you to keep your original drive intact, making this the perfect accessory for both vintage and modern CDi experience enthusiasts.  Just make sure to fill out the interest check list, so Fixel will know what CD mechanism type most people have.

Interest Check:
Reference Pages to determine CDM Type:

Please note these are NOT pre-orders – As with Fixel’s previous products, this is simply a way to gauge how many people are interested and no money is collected.  And we’re all interested in this, right?  Come on CDi people!  Let’s do this!!!!

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