Captain Barrel – New Neo Geo Game

Pre-Orders are now open on a brand new game for the Neo Geo AES and MVS called Captain Barrel.  The game looks to be an “action puzzler”, where each level is contained in a single room.  Pre-order discount prices range from about $300 to $400 depending on which version you choose and they’re due to ship in 2024.  More info and a demo of the intro and first level can be found below:

Pre-Order Here:

First, note that the pre-order discount price is listed as only valid for the month of June – After they, they’ll go back up to the regular prices.  Also, the game will eventually be released on the Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation Portable and PC as well.  I think Neo Geo collectors will love to have another cartridge in their collection, however if you prefer those other platforms, you might want to wait.  Here’s a full list of features, copied from the main page, however I suggest checking out their “our games” page for more info.


32 levels, split into 4 worlds each ruled by a boss

Enemies, traps and platforms galore !

An elaborate scoring system designed for competition.

About 25 minutes of arcade playtime.

A challenge scalable to your scoring ambitions, 8 difficulty levels

Gameplay that is easy to get into, yet takes practice to master

2-player alternated competitive play

177Mb of barrel rolling action

Cute, colourful pixel art

A rocking pirate soundtrack

One big cart in one big box to insert into you bigger, badder, better system

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