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Canceled SNES RTS Footage Found on Old VHS Tape

VHS Tapes where VORG footage was found
VHS Tapes where VORG footage was found

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of games that have been canceled over the years.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get to experience these unreleased games years later through

ROMs leaked on the internet or even in an official capacity, like what happened with Nintendo’s Star Fox 2 on the SNES Mini.  But more often than not, these games are just lost to time.  One such title that never got to see the light of day was a 16-bit 3D real-time strategy offering from game publisher Naxat titled Souseikishou VORG (創世紀章ヴォーグ), or Chapter of Genesis: VORG for the Super Famicom which had a planned release way back in March 1995.  Have you ever heard of it?  Well, if you answer “no,” don’t feel like your “nerd cred” has less value because this game is one of the more obscure/forgotten canceled games from its time, so much so that mentions or media of the game are almost non-existent online, whether you search in English or Japanese.  But now people can get a better look at the game with a rare trailer of the game that I found on a couple of old tapes that were sent to retailers in order to generate pre-order sales.

Vorg's Gameplay
VORG is an unreleased Sci-fi RTS for the Super Famicom featuring 3D & 2D graphics

I enjoy collecting old Japanese gaming VHS tapes and uploading them to a secondary channel, and in the process I happened upon the footage of VORG, a game I had never heard of previously.  Seeing that it’s basically a “lost” game, I took the time to make a video about it, describing the tapes and trailer, and also subtitling the footage in English.  I could say more here, but the videos below will do a better job.  Though I will add that if you’re a fan of Japanese sci-fi art or the Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) universe and plastic model kits, you’ll find this one particularly interesting because artist Kow Yokoyama was responsible for the character and spacecraft designs.

Video about VORG

Standalone VORG Trailer w/ENG Subs

Naxat Sales VHS

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