C4CPC Rom carts are available

Forum user “Gerald” from the French site CPC Wiki is selling a new batch of his Rom cart C4CPC for Amstrad GX-4000 console and 6128 Retro computer.

Here are the features:

  • Direct access to 16 cartridges selected by dip switches. Cartridge can be up to 512kB
  • Access to unlimited number of cartridge images using the provided selector cartridge
  • Direct cartridge loading from host computer using USB
  • Cartridge file can be in standard .cpr format or raw binary .bin
  • Integrated ACID simulator

It’s sold 69.30 € including world wide shipping.

Beware that you need to change the power supply if you intend to use it with an GX-4000 and have the OEM one. More info about that here.