BVM “H-Series” SMS Fix?

The Sony BVM D9H and D14H series monitors, don’t have a built in “VCR Mode”, which results in a “sync curl” at the top of the screen.  Martin, creator of the BVM replacement cards has discovered a fix for SMS consoles (demonstrated by Chris Valdez above), however PC Engine / TG-16 consoles still have the problem.  At the moment, we haven’t found a way to save these settings, meaning you’ll need to make these changes every time you use your SMS.  I’ll update this post as more info comes in, but this might be a great stepping stone to a permanent fix!

129x Replacement Board:
129x Dual Replacement Card:
BKM-68x Replacement Card:

…and if you’d like to hear more from Martin, check out our interview below!:

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