Bulk Slash: Full English Translation

The Japan-only mech robot fighting game Bulk Slash has just gotten a full English localization.  Let me type that again, as this is easy to skip over:  I said a full localization, not just “translation”.  The amazing team behind this patch went through all the same steps that the original developer would have (should have?) done, including recruiting twenty voice actors to play the role of twenty one parts.  This isn’t just for cutscenes and endings either – All of the dialogue for the navigators has been dubbed as well.

On top of that, the team added support for the absolutely bad ass Twin Stick that’s used for another Mech fighting game, Virtual On. While I haven’t tested it with Bulk Slash, I imagine the addition of the Twin Stick support totally changes the feel of the game!

Sega Saturn Shiro does an absolutely amazing job telling the story of the game, the translation, the team who worked on it and even demonstrates how to patch the game with this project.  Please check out their page on this, as well as the video above for all the info you’ll need:

…also, if you’d like some more thoughts on the game, check out the livestream MLiG did on it the other day:

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