GCPlug2.0 Case

I was given the opportunity to revisit the GCPlug project.  HDMyCUBE on twitter took the original project and the high quality plug from Insurrection Industries to make the ultimate version of the open source plug and play solution for GCVideo.  Files can be downloaded here:  http://www.retrorgb.com/assets/3dprint/GCPlug2.0Case2019-06-07.zip My case will require 4 screws, M2x8mm thread forming or tapping […]

Virtual Boy Game Display Stands

I recently picked up a Virtual Boy and couldn’t resist the urge to make a display for the only game I currently have Virtual Boy Wario Land It is a super simple design that prints fairly quickly!  Files are available in the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website here:  http://retrorgb.com/virtual-boy-3d-print-cartridge-stands.html  

Updated Dreamcast Noctua Fan Mod Design

With the mass adoption of the Dreamcast Noctua Fan Mod it seemed like a great time to revisit the mod and address an issue that came up with the original design. Updated 3D Print Designs:  http://www.retrorgb.com/assets/3dprint/DreamcastFanMount_2018-12-04.zip As an FYI, all of Greg’s designs can be purchased from his web store here:  https://laserbear.net/ http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575041517&toolid=10001&campid=5337251560&customid=&icep_item=273555906598&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg There seems to be […]