Atomiswave Dolphin Blue now fully playable on Dreamcast

I reported recently about Megavolt85’s native 1:1 Atomiswave-to-Dreamcast ports, and I posted a video on the topic. Since then, more Atomiswave arcade games have been ported over. RetroRGB/Bob maintains a list of the ports here. As I explained in my video though, “port” might not be the correct word; the Atomiswave is a Dreamcast and these games are conversions running natively on the Dreamcast hardware.

Dolphin Blue, the Metal Slug inspired “dolphin ’em up” was at the top of everyone’s list and caused a sensation when it was ported, but it contained a bug in level 3 that was initially circumvented by skipping mid-level to level 4. Today, however, YZBthe Chinese hacker behind the recent Saturn 4MB cart hacks—fixed Dolphin Blue to make the entire game playable. MegaVolt85 then updated the official release with fixes for ODEs and access to the system settings menu. If you experience issues, defragment your SD card or try another.


Thanks, Jadelandry1975 for the heads up!