Rany Battikh

Analogue X Ghostly Super Nt

Earlier this week, Analogue announced a new variant in the Super-Nt line of consoles, in the form of a collaboration with the independent record label Ghostly.

The “Analogue x Ghostly” limited-edition Super-Nt is an all-white system that comes bundled with a matching 8bitDo SN30 (unlike the regular edition where the controller is sold separately) and a Retro Receiver as well.

This particular Super-Nt’s menu slightly differs from the original as it includes seven unique boot-up sequences composed by six different Ghostly artists.

The system is readily available now at Analogue’s store and will set you back 250$, 20$ more expensive that the combination of a regular Super-Nt and an 8bitDo controller.

Get yours now if you’re interested as only 1000 units will be made.

More info about the “Analogue x Ghostly” system: https://www.analogue.co/editions/ghostly-super-nt/