Analogue Pocket OpenFPGA Cores Inventory

Developer Joshua Campbell has created an inventory list for all the cores available for the Analogue Pocket’s “OpenFPGA” platform.  The data for this page is being automatically polled and should update whenever there’s another core added to Github.  It’s also using to populate the date column, so this should be a fairly reliable way to see what new cores were released, or updated:

Here’s the list:

While migration of cores to the Pocket has been extremely slow, there’s still quite a few exciting things in the works.  I think developers might be a bit more motivated to donate their time to Analogue once these are actually available to purchase, but it’s still an interesting platform and one of the best handhelds I’ve used.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the Pocket and OpenFPGA, I did a livestream awhile back demoing it on the new firmware’s launch day.  There’s also great reviews out there of the original firmware showing Analogue’s cores, which (as far as I know) are still a great representation of what to expect from the handheld.

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