Analogue Pocket Firmware 1.0B

Analogue has released new firmware for the Analogue Pocket and dock. This includes a host of fixes and new screen effects for the dock. The dock can now be updated via the pocket.

Firmware Download: Firmware 1.0B
Analogue Twitter: Update Post

Release Notes:

  • Dock updates via Pocket – Dock now updated from Pocket using the pocket firmware file only
  • Dock now has all Original Display modes as Pocket
  • Dock LED Behavior – Dock has more intuitive LED behavior now
  • BIOS update v1.5 – Better messaging. Can now detect Bad header, No Header and No Cart
  • Shantae Noise Channel Fix – Zombie envelope adjusted
  • Noise when starting a game – Fixed
  • Wario Land 3 Sleep/Wake issue – Fixed
  • Golden Sun Multiple issues – Fixed all reported issues
  • GB/C Autodetect Fail on Some GB games- Fixed
  • Mortal Kombat Graphic Issues – BIOS v1.5 fixes this
  • LSDJ Wrong pitch in Forced GB Mode – Fixed
  • GB Studio now supports 120 files in the list. Will be increased in future updates.
  • Pokemon Pinball Keypress Blocked – Fixed allowing data to be wiped normally
  • Input Not Available on Boot – Fixed
  • Allow DMG to be Played with GBC – Added force GBC to GB core
  • LSDJ v9.2.L Envelope Issue – Fixed via Zombie envelope adjustment
  • Nanoloop Start Edge Case – Fixed
  • Songpro MP3 Player Support – Fixed