Alex Mitchell

Analogue Delays Pocket, confirms April SNt re-stock

Analogue Inc confirmed today that their next console, the handheld Analogue Pocket, has been delayed. Analogue had originally projected a May 2021 shipping window when the limited number of Pocket pre-orders were available in August 2020,  but that has been pushed back five months to October 2021. As anyone watching the news can guess, Analogue is attributing the hiccup to the same electrical components shortage and logistical interruptions that are plaguing just about every industry in the COVID era. These pressures are nothing new for Analogue or sister company 8BitDo, which have both experienced delays or extended inventory depletion over the last thirteen months.

The one silver lining from today’s announcement is a confirmation that the Super Nt—their Super Nintendo FPGA clone—will see a re-stock in April, with the Mega Sg and DAC to follow “…shortly after”. What constitutes short for Analogue is anyone’s guess, but prospective consumers at least know a little more about what to expect from Analogue in the coming months.