Analogue DAC 3D Printed Case

John from Space Pirate Prints has just started selling a 3D printed case for the Analogue DAC, offering a wide variety of color choices for both the case and the lettering colors.  While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the original DAC case, the clear plexi shell doesn’t really match the aesthetics of Analogue’s other products, so people might prefer something a bit flashier.


I performed heat tests with this case installed and it performed exactly like the original:  Even after two hours of constant use in a non-ventilated area, the main FPGA chip on the DAC only hit about 42°C.  In terms of electronic chips, that’s not considered “hot” and well within the FPGA’s rated operating temperature of –40 to 100°C.

Below are more pictures from every angle, so you can check it out before you decide if you’d like to upgrade:


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