Alternative 3DO 240p Mod Found?

Taijigamer2 is continuing his research into the 3DO console and may have found an alternative to the 240p/480i switch mod for consoles with the BT9103 chip that doesn’t require lifting any pins:

The service manual shows that PAL 3DO have a resistor bridging the Interlace signal between CLIO and BT9103. By removing that resistor and soldering a wire to the empty pad on (*the other resistor), the Interlace pin can be tied high or low without needing to lift the pin on the DAC.

While lifting pins is certainly less destructive than cutting plastic, any steps that can be taken to make a mod safer if always appreciated.  For more information and to see if your console is compatible, check out Taijigamer2’s post:


#3do, #240p, #BT9103

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