Rany Battikh

Advance VGA (GBA to VGA)

InsideGadgets just released a VGA out solution for the Game Boy Advance named Advance VGA.

The Altera Max 10 based Advance VGA offers 3x scaling of the GBA’s original 240×160 resolution and outputs at a fixed resolution of 800×600 through a D-sub connector, while maintaining the system’s original refresh rate of 59.7 Hz.

The main board will sit where the original screen used to be. A second smaller board holding both the D-sub and Micro-USB (or USB-C) connectors for video output and power respectively, will require a bit of case trimming to fit snugly, right under the main board. Of course, a decent amount of soldering is still required here to properly wire everything up. (Getting a 3rd party replacement shell for this entire project seems to be the best option)

The Wireless Gameboy Receiver is also included on-board, as an option. This will basically allow any other GB/GBC/GBA/DS/DS Lite (wiht a TX cart inserted into it) to wirelessly control the subject system.

The Advance VGA offers zero video settings though so don’t expect to have access to any sort of customization à la GBA Consolizer.

The mod is compatible with both 32 and 40 pin GBA models, but make sure to check for your board model number, located right under the battery cover before ordering:

  • numbers starting with 0 indicates you have a 40-pin model
  • numbers starting with 1 indicates you have a 32-pin model

A full kit (the main FPGA-based board + D-sub/Power board + Wireless RX) will set you back 68$. That’s yet another decent option for VGA CRT users, in my opinion, and a cheaper alternative to the ultimate GBA Consolizer, with way less options.

For more information about the Advance VGA check InsideGadget’s shop: https://shop.insidegadgets.com/product/advancevga/