A Summary of Emulation Updates

A couple months ago, the YouTube channel Nerrel uploaded a video summarizing a few of the advancements that have been made in the emulation scene. While covering things that have written posts about here in the past like the widescreen hack for Super Mario World, the Messen HD packs, and the SA-1 enhancement hacks from Vitor, I still think this video is worth a watch.

The reason I think that is because there are some great things mentioned like a new PS1 emulator called DuckStation and how Project 64 recently hit version 3.0. While he’s clearly aiming for the casual audience by explaining things like the SA-1 chip, there’s still some amazing things that are mentioned in the video. That’s all I have to say… go watch it. (Also yes, I know I’m a couple months late on writing about this video.)