A Run-through Of Game Audio Hardware History

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thegirlg33k was recently a guest on the GearSplaining podcast to talk about video game audio hardware.  She covered everything from old computers, to different arcade boards, to game consoles ranging from the Atari 2600 to SNES.

The discussion was filled with audio examples of each chipset, as well as explanations of each…mixed with your typical podcast-style chatter.  It was really interesting to hear some of these examples next to each other, as you can experience the difference in the way the chips from each example generate each sound.

I hope any musicians out there with the interest in creating “chiptunes” style music gives this a listen, including the parts towards the end where they talk about modern synth and how to create “game style” music with modern equipment.  I’m always interested to hear good music made in unique ways, which is why amazing new musicians like remute stand out so much to me:  Their songs would be great regardless of how they’re recorded, but it’s even more interesting to hear knowing some were created (and playable on) original game console hardware via custom carts or a ROM cart!



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