Alex Mitchell

A MesenHD pack has been released for The Legend of Zelda

A modding group has released a Mesen HD Pack based on the Zelda 1 Redux patch that adds remastered audio and graphics to The Legend of Zelda:

This remaster is a pretty extensive overhaul of the original game and looks terrific in this video. While I know a lot of enthusiasts prefer to enjoy games in their original, unaltered state I love projects like this and can’t wait to see what other games will get the HD Pack treatment. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features this remaster brings to the table:

  • Increased resolution
  • Increased frame count for running
  • Updated sound effects and music
  • New title and game select screen
  • Animated environments
  • Save manually with Up+A when in the items subscreen
  • Re-localization of the game script
  • Increased bomb max
  • Increased bomb upgrade amount
  • Faster text printing
  • Change the Red and Blue rings to Red and Blue tunics
  • Breakable tile hints
  • Press the “Select” button to toggle the item assigned to the “B” button
  • Faster health refills
  • Partial heart pieces in HUD

Congratulations to the team behind this: Paul Veer, KYA, Sour, ShadowOne333, Snarfblam, Pepeztyle, MadBatter, Altar, ADilla, Farian, Arne, Fool, and ChaosMiles07.