8BitDo Ultimate C Wired Controller

8BitDo have just opened pre-orders on a new wired USB controller they’re calling the “Ultimate C”.  They list compatibility as Windows, Android, Steam Deck and Raspberry Pi.  It’s safe to assume it’s also compatible with the MiSTer, however since Switch support isn’t specifically listed, I wouldn’t count on support.  The price is $20 and it’s due to ship at the end of the month in both Field Green and Lilac Purple:

Pre-Order Here:

Unfortunately – And as usual – no latency measurements have been disclosed.  While functions like turbo and rumble are nice, performance data should be the most important question asked.  And 8BitDo’s previous controllers (in wired mode) have ranged from UNDER a millisecond of average latency to 10ms, so this could really go either way.

…but, for $20, this is a great way to get an inexpensive wired controller and is probably worth the risk.  Up to you though!


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