4K Gamer Pro now on Indiegogo

UPDATE 09/30:  It’s now available directly on Amazon:

After the successful funding of the Kickstarter campaign, the team behind the 4K Gamer Pro will now be selling their scalers via Indiegogo.  This device is for people who specifically want a sharp scale from 1080p to 4K (no other input resolutions supported).  If you like smoothing effects, this is the opposite of what you’d want – Check out my review above and Wobbling Pixels’ review below for examples of where it’s a help.  The price is around $150 and it’s due to ship this year:

4K Gamer Pro:

This is a zero lag device that doesn’t compress colors or drop frames.  Basically, that means this device is perfectly “safe” to use and is totally up to you if it’s worth it or not.  I definitely liked it, but it’s not for everyone.

MiSTer Users:  You may need to set a custom modeline for this device to be compatible.  Update your MiSTer via your favorite script, then after it’s complete edit the “video_mode” line in the MiSTer.ini file to this:


This should work fine, however some people have reported issues with the analog output when this mode is set.  If that’s the case, you can assign an alternate .ini file that you can activate any time the 4K Gamer Pro is in use.

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