3D Printed Xedusa Strain Relief

I recently reviewed the Behar Bros’ Xedusa adapter for the original Xbox:  A dual-outputting, HDMI + YPbPr component video adapter that also outputs true digital audio via both HDMI and a SPDIF output.  While I loved the safe dual analog + digital output – and there’s no other similar solution in that price point – I complained about lack of strain relief and brightness issues.  Well, BlueShell3D has fixed one of those issues with a 3D-Printed replacement bottom for the Xedusa!  Links and more info below:

3D Printed Strain-Relief Bottom Cover:
Print Your Own:
Original Xedusa Review:

Simply buy or print this bottom cover, unbolt the original and bolt this back in its place with the same screws.  That’s it.  Can’t get any easier than this if you already own a 3D printer.  I really appreciate stuff like this, as people without a 3D printer can still support the creator and if you’ve already invested the time and money into your own printing setup, you can just make your own!

Maybe people might solve the brightness issue next?  My gut’s telling me those 3 resistors coming right off the input is a good place to start, but I just don’t have the time to test.  Maybe we can get that cleared up too and ask the Behar Bros to include both changes in future revisions?

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