3D Printed Rotary Controller – Competition Pro Spinner: GhettoBillGates Remix

GhettoBillGates has released a DIY package for building your own high-quality arcade rotary controller AKA “spinner” for games like Arkanoid. His design files include the 3D printable case and a parts list of easily obtainable components, with links.

It’s USB and emulates a mouse X axis and left-click, perfect for emulators and MiSTer. It will also be drop-in compatible with MiSTer’s new Arkanoid FPGA core with no configuration needed. It could also be terminated directly to DB15 for real arcade hardware, and for use with the upcoming LL Cool Joy MiSTer Native Controller add-on board.

The design files will eventually be on Thingverse, but you can grab the complete set with instructions, at!ggdwUIaD!K2fD2ewlF_z6-R7uCEOxDQ

Competition Pro Spinner V1.0: A GhettoBillGates Remix

This is my first model/thing that’s not a flat drawing made 3d, so it’s a little rough around the edges but prints up well enough for me. Screws might not line up 100% but it will al assemble.

You need 6 M3 screws to finish this off, sorry I’m not sure of length you’ll need since they all came from my random magnetic tray full of reclaimed screws and I didn’t bother measuring them with calipers.

Links for other shit you’ll need:

Rotary Encoder

Knob/Handpeice (You could also 3d Print One From the previous mix.)

Sanwa 30mm Button (Or any other Snap-in Sanwa Clone)

USB Board Thinger

I printed on a Wanhao Duplicator at .3 resolution and an infill of 20%, but you could definitely play around with that at your own peril.

Ask me any question on Discord, but I only know enough to be dangerous. So again, at your own peril.

Thanks goes out to HugoCraft (3d Printing Handholding), Qwertymoto (Helped Fix the Aurdiuno Code), ElectronAsh (Words of Encouragemnet), CasualMale XL & Qwertymoto (Helped Fix the Aurdiuno Code), and of course Smokemonster and every one at thier discords! (sorry, If I forgot anyone. Just shoot me a DM if I did!)

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