17-Port HDMI ‘Origin’ Switch Prototypes for sale

The creator of the “Origin” 17-port HDMI switch that was previously reported in June has put a few prototype units up for sale: – HDMI v1.3b version / used more expensive switches – HDMI v1.4 version / slight compatibility issues (described on sale page)

These switches are sold as-is and made of four 5-port HDMI switches linked together and hasn’t been tested in all retro-gaming environments, so proceed at your own risk.  If any consoles have issues, I suggest trying a different input, to make sure you have one closest to the output port. 

It’s my opinion that a touch-screen HDMI switch like this is absolutely amazing and something I’d badly want myself.  Maybe the creator would consider open-sourcing the project and work with someone on taking the amazing-looking LCD touch screen and integrating it with a custom 10×2 matrix switch?  Maybe even with a DisplayPort switch that’s HDMI compatible…



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