Lockdown Giveaway #2: RetroTINK 2x Classic & SNES S-Video Cables

Welcome to week #2 of the Lockdown Giveaway!  This week, we’ve got a RetroTINK 2x classic from Mike Chi, with both the original case and a blue 3D printed case made by  We’ve also got a coax shielded S-Video cable from Retro-Access that’s compatible with the Nintendo 64, NTSC Game Cube’s and all of the bigger Super Nintendo consoles (and the ‘mini’ as well if modded).  Heck, I’ll even throw in a MiniHDMI adapter too, just to be complete!  

RetroTINK2x Classic:
Shielded, Coax S-Video cable for SNES, N64, NTSC GameCube:
3D Printed Case:

This bundle, plus the original cables your console came with are a great way to get started playing classic consoles on a flat-panel TV!  Check out my original RetroTINK2x review below for more information!

If you’d like just just buy your own, here’s links to everything shown, including the updated version of the LaserBear 2x Classic ‘snap case’!!!:

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